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pasta & a house [22 Apr 2007|06:07pm]

hello all!

I am posting here for two reasons today:

1.) I've been on the hunt for a pasta press throughout the county - at thrift stores and yard sales with NO success! If you have one you no longer use/want, please please let me take it off your hands!

2.) I live on a street that I hate. I'm surrounded by loud, obnoxious, creepy neighbors and someone crashing through my fence and out through the other side a few nights ago, has pushed me over the edge. It's def time to move.
I'm looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom HOUSE, in McK or Arcata. I'd like to not pay more than $950 a month. If you know of anything that will be opening up soon, please please let me know.

Big love Humboldt kids!
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Come rescue a girl's stranded motorcycle? [08 Mar 2007|08:57pm]

Have a bit of time to spare this weekend, and a pickup truck with a full size bed, or a truck and trailer? Come rescue a girl’s stranded motorcycle!

My bike is in Blue Lake, and refuses to start at all. I can’t fix it until I get it back home, in McKinleyville, and I have no other vehicle capable of towing a downed bike. I’m willing to pay for your time and gas, up to $30, for you to come help me with your truck and ramp or trailer to bring my poor bike home. Bike doesn’t weigh much, and with two or three people, is easily pushed into the bed of a pickup.

Call 707-839-8275, or send me an email at hp12@humboldt.edu

(x-posted to other Humboldt County communities)
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[21 Sep 2006|10:11am]

[ mood | stressed ]

So, a couple nights ago, I was at a friends house on Haven Lane in Mck. My car was parked at the end of the apartments, and someone decided to break into it. They busted out the driver's side window, and stole $200 cash (my credit card payment), my black prada bag, louis vuitton wallet, credit cards, gift cards, my check book, my digital camera (and the 4 memory cards), and other items that were in my bag.
I really don't care about getting any of that stuff back (ok, yes I do). What really upsets me and devistates me is the loss of allllll the pictures on my memory cards, that I haven't been able to transfer to the computer.
If you know me, and spend time with me, you know how much I love taking pictures, and I take at least one every day. So many memories lie in those photos, that I will probably never see again. That breaks my heart.

Why were these things in my car? I know, it's stupid. I had my currently-in-use purse inside the house with me, but the other one was hidden under the seat. Whomever broke in, had to search. It was wedged under there. Still, silly me to trust anything.

So...... if you hear anything, see anything, know anything.... you know what to do. Seriously, I just want my pictures, keep everything else.

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FREE CAR [13 Nov 2005|04:57am]

Last Chance! If you'd like a 1988 Plymoth Sundance, 4 door sudan, i have one that's only part needed is a starter. Great gass miliage! I have to leave town friday and it'll have to be gone by then.  Just drop me a line at bfredstone@yahoo.com or msg me if you have aim/icq/yahoo at bfredstone

It really was a great car before the starter went out. It just needs a good home, not the wreaking yard. Breaks my heart to think it'll have to go there.
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[04 Nov 2005|12:24am]

Does anyone want a car? I;ve got one i';m giving away for free. The only problem is the starter went out on me. This is only like a 100 dollar part even with installation, but i lost my job and am dead broke. My landlady is pissed its just sitting here in front of our apt building, so i just need it gone. Believe me, if i could afford to fix this car, i would, but being evicted is a bit woprsethan taking a loss on a car.

So if you are interested, and can tow it yourself, give me a message at bfredstone@yahoo.com
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[02 Feb 2005|02:24am]

I just wanted to say hello and wanted to share this photos of cr. I took it yesterday morning. I had forgotton how neat dew was.

may you all atendending rock with yer grades.
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